The Campaign

Kinetic Systems:
Conferences are an excellent opportunity for people to learn, collaborate and engage
Every great conference needs a theme. What’s the unifying message that your speakers will deliver, and what’s the key takeaway for conference attendees? The best themes are catchy, relatable, and trigger an emotional response. You want the conference to inspire and stimulate conversation. Your theme has to enable that.

For instance, “Stronger as a team” is probably a better theme than “Achieving improved efficiencies through increased cross-functional collaboration.” The theme is more than just a rallying cry for all participants; it will also guide your branding and promotion, from designing a logo to coming up with social media hashtags, promotion material, brochures, websites, app screens, and speaker bumpers...

You will be responsible for designing an entire kinetic system for a conference. You may choose (1) of the (3) conference themes to gather information from and move forward with:

  • Ted Talks
  • Olympics
  • Brand New Design Conference
Learning Objectives
  • understand the anatomy of letterforms
  • understand the history of typography
  • understand type classifications
  • explore the expressive potential of typography
  • solve communication problems within given parameters
  • methodically document relevant design inspiration and process
  • present and assess work in a visually and verbally articulate manner
  • professionally document outcomes

Explore Design Principles
  • Tension: how the page is used, how the edges are used, activate the page
  • Grouping: how things are grouped together, use triangulation as a guide.
  • Alignments: vertical, horizontal (type must stay horizontal)
  • Coding: type that is the same size and style will be read together
More Deliverables
Pick Two from below (pick (2) from the list)
(2) pieces of swag (be thoughtful -- what makes sense for your conference-goers?

  • Billboard Horizontal or Bus Graphic (horizontal)
  • The FB campaign(s) should relate to your Instagram campaign. Use all four sizes in a campaign.
  • Web Banner Ads of at least (3) different sizes (sizes)
  • Conference brochure (print)
  • Stage/Wall/Room graphics/Zoom backgrounds
  • Set of 6+ icons (directional signage, info, sign-in, speaker type...)
  • Poster (front and back)
  • App screens (what would the app do for the conference goers?)
  • City Banners
  • Badges/Name tags (3 different ones)
  • Tote bag (mocked up) (1-color)
All of you will be doing different things. It will be your responsibility to stay on track.

If you want to make something else, make it.

Final Print for Crit (42 x 60 inch)
After completing the items below, prepare your work for crit by mocking your deliverables on the template shared in class. Print this item using the large format printer and hang it before the start of class. We will not critique the work if the item is not hung on the wall before class.

We are looking for craft, consistency, and attention to detail.