Project Index

Introduces the discipline, function, and tradition of typography as it relates to visual/verbal communication. Emphasis is on interrelationships of letter, word, line and page. Projects examine two-dimensional typographic space, sequence and information hierarchy.

Further exploration of typographic form and manipulation of variables which affect content; stresses the importance of typographic composition as an integral component of visual communication design. Projects examine advanced structures of typographic space, work-image structure, and typographic details and aesthetic.

Exploration of topics dealing intensively with editorial concept and format organization. Projects stress advanced problems in the integration of text and image through the development of complex and variable structures. Emphasis on thorough researching of content and audience as well as understanding of production/execution implications of solutions.

Teaching Statement

I teach various areas of design, ranging from introductory to advanced, print to digital. Courses I have facilitated are the History of Graphic Design, visual communications, typography, senior capstone, and professional practice.

Creating a learning environment where students see themselves as visual change-makers and influential citizens is integral to the educational background I aim to foster. I help students see themselves in positions of success by sharing compelling creative examples and case studies from design history and theory. To prepare students for the industry demands, I create a strong base for visual communications, typography, and systems thinking while providing clear avenues for experimentation and introducing emerging technologies. With this wide variety of problem-solving techniques, students will be prepared for their future careers’ professional and technological hurdles.

The first time I was introduced to a Black designer, I felt like a new world of culture creators had emerged. Creating this sense of identity and inspiration in the classroom is critical. Through directed processes and creating safe spaces for individual and peer feedback, reflection, and refinement, I equip students with the skills to become inclusive visual interpreters. Sharing the craft of design alongside relevant historical context fosters greater awareness of the societal role of visual communication. I am humbled and honored by the opportunity to witness students continually create and grow in a field or path they never imagined.
In addition to my teaching and design career, I am pursuing an M.A. in Art History to gain further knowledge in graphic design history and the profession. I am dedicated to fostering student success with mentorship opportunities, reviews, workshops, and events. I have been the faculty advisor for Prototype (the KU AIGA Student group), faculty lead for the Visual Communication Senior Show, participated in the School of Architecture and Design’s DEIB Leadership committee, and served on the AIGA KC board in various capacities, including President Emeritus.